Is It True That Homework Has No Benefits And It Is Mere Copying?

Homework or ‘assignments at home’ is a highly controversial topic since ages. According to some it is a burdensome task for the students and creates physical, mental and emotional torture to the child whereas some says it is an incredible opportunity for students to learn while using their time creatively.

Whatever are the views of both the parties, assignments has become an integral part of studies and all schools consider it important to groom the child’s personality developing their mental and cognitive skills.

Undoubtedly, both have their own benefits and to completely favor one is a wrong idea. However, its true to say that students should not be burdened with excessive homework as it hampers their physical, psychological, emotional and mental development.

A common saying- “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is a popular proverb.

According to the experts of current times-

“It’s wrong to say that assignment has no benefits and is merely copying”-

Following reasons support this statement-

  • Even if it is copying, it is developing your writing skills like writing speed, neatness, organization.
  • It keeps you in discipline and orders your mind to perform a task even if your heart is not supporting you. A huge percentage of students never want to study or do their homework. It is the compulsion that teaches them planning, organizing and completing their assignments on time.
  • These days homework is designed by teachers to enhance thinking and memory of the child. Time has changed and students now develop many other study skill sets and habits that transform them into a grown up personality.
  • Students get an opportunity to plan their time in an innovative fashion.
  • Kids learn to be independent. Initially they may seek their parent’s guidance but after gradual practice they start doing it on their own.
  • Child learns to be responsible and many times he or she even guide his peers and siblings in completing their homework. It cultivates a habit of cooperation too.
  • Child gets an opportunity to practice and revise whatever has been taught in the class.
  • He gets ready for another day by revising the homework at home.
  • Students learn to use resources like library books, reference materials and computer websites creatively.
  • They can explore more than what has been taught during confined school periods.
  • They learn to apply skills in new situations.
  • Assignments encourages learning by integrating learning while writing.
  • It develops communication creatively among peers and parents. Parents know that their child is new skills and is utilizing his time properly learning new spheres of life.