Answering A Popular Question: Is Homework Actually Beneficial?

I’m sure many of you would like the answer to that question to be a resounding, absolute ‘no’, so that such laborious tasks could be abolished once and for all. But I also suspect that you know in your heart of hearts that there is a great deal of goodness to come from doing homework. After all, it’s unlikely that your teachers are a bunch of devious sorts who just get a kick out of giving you algebra to do when you could be watching T.V. Then again, I could be wrong…

What’s the answer?

Any question can be debated, as you will learn/will have learnt through persuasive and argumentative essays, so there is room for debate with regards to the question at hand.

I could just answer the question for you, but actually you are the only one who can answer it.

It’s good, right?

It’s easy to overlook facts like some developing countries struggling to even send their children to school; so we are lucky indeed to have education in schools and universities in the first place. Bear that in mind when you wonder about the value of homework. Learning is, wrongly and sadly, a privilege, so why wouldn’t you want to learn as much as you possibly can?

It’s also beneficial to your current studies. If you’re learning French, for instance, and you don’t have French homework to do, I can guarantee that you won’t learn the language as easily if you’re only devoting a couple of hours to it each week. The more time you spend on things (and in this case, the more regularly you do them) the more you will learn, the better you will be and the higher your grades will become.

The counter argument.

Of course you could argue that children should have more free time to enjoy their youth. You may feel that you have too much work to do already and the last thing you feel is privileged, so surely it isn’t always a great thing. You could well have valid points. As with any argument, the more you can back up your claims, by seeing what respected institutes and people have to say about the issue, and how different education systems handle the amount of homework in different countries, the better an argument you would be able to make for your case.

Maybe it’s not black and white.

Personally, I can see that the benefits far outdo the negative aspects- and remember that homework can be fun as well! As with most things though, it’s surely about getting the balance right. In my book: homework is a good thing, but too much could be bad!