Social Studies Homework Answers Will Help You Spend Your Free Time on Other Activities

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    Please note that your professors can know these websites, so handing in a paper that is clearly downloaded from the Internet can harm your grades.

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Social Studies: What Is Included?

In order to decide how much you can rely on homework assistance services, you must understand what social studies are and why they are needed.

Social studies include:

  • Sociology
  • The study of society and actions taken by various social groups.

  • History
  • A necessary study that is included in both social studies and humanities courses.

  • Political science
  • The study of politics and tools used to create and manage existing political systems. Includes: political economy, comparative politics, political philosophy, political theory, apolitical governance, theory of democracy, study of national politics, international relations, political analysis, international law, public administration and law.

  • Economics
  • The study of people’s needs, wants and financial operations that deal with production and management of wealth.

  • Geography
  • Includes human geography that studies societies and the way they create and manage environment, and physical geography that studies all aspects of natural environment.

  • Psychology
  • The study of human mind and behavior.

  • Anthropology
  • The “study of man” that is connected to biology, humanities and all social sciences.