Math Homework Answers: Where To Find?

There are three obvious places to begin to look for answers to mathematics problems. They are the Internet, the library and the bookstore. The library is a good place to start because you can elicit the help from the librarian. If you get lost, stuck or confused, he or she can direct you toward resources that will reveal the answers to you.

  • The Math Book
  • Once you have the book required for class, reading it from cover to cover is a good place to begin so that you can become familiar with the subject matter. At least thoroughly read and study the assignments on the syllabus. Usually there are answers in the back of the book for problems that have been presented in each chapter. Answers may be found in the text of the chapter, as the author explains the methodology in solving the problems. Usually the authors will give formula for solving the problem. If you practice working the formula and solving example problems, you should be able to solve new problems that are given to you that require the formula that you have learned and the methodology which the instructor has taught you and which you have gleaned from the book – too much for one sentence! Most books usually have appendixes where answers may be found.

  • Resources Found in the Book
  • If you have copies of similar tests which your professor has given you, or which you can obtain from your professor, it may be possible to learn applicable formula and the methodologies that are necessary to solve the problems. Another thing that is commonly found in the book is the list of references. There you will find many books that the author has used to formulate his approach to the particular mathematics subject that is being presented in the book. If you can obtain several of these books and other reference material, it’s always good to cross reference your study methods. Just getting different opinions on how to approach the methodology of solving the problems is often helpful in gaining an understanding of how to solve the problems.

  • Bookstores
  • The author mentioned bookstores as a resource for reference material. There, you will find a plethora of pertinent material on your subject. Again, it may be helpful to solicit the help of the sales assistant to hone your search down toward the specific material for which you are looking.

  • The Internet
  • We would probably select the Internet to begin our research in lieu of either of these two resources simply because it is more convenient. There are several websites to research and several search engines to which to resort, SUCH AS???

    Some of the more common search engines are: Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo.