How to Get Yourself to Do Homework: 5 Tips to Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination can be like a drug. The more you do it, the more difficult it seems not to do it and the more easily you find yourself slipping into the bad habits that allow you to do it. There are a few tricks you can learn that can stop you from slipping back into those bad habits. Here are five.

Time yourself

Any task seems harder if you don’t know when it will end. Your brain will trick you into thinking it goes on indefinitely or at least for some unreasonable or unbearable stretch of time. Set a nice reasonable chunk of time and dedicate that to homework exclusively. Don’t check your email or any social media and then reward yourself for sticking to the plan.

Play action music

This may sound silly but music is an amazingly powerful motivator. Armies have used it for that purpose for centuries. Maybe you’ll use the theme from your favorite action movie or maybe it will be a pop song that inspires you. Whatever the case, think like a personal trainer and give yourself something to make you push past the point where you feel like quitting.

Put something at stake

If you feel really demotivated, hold something you love at ransom and don’t allow yourself to have it until you finish your task. This might be time with your significant other or a favorite snack. Just make sure you can stick to the rules. It only works if you really love it and won’t let yourself have it.

Form a team

Even some of the most stubborn procrastinators may feel a bit of obligation to help a group progress if they are members of it. Form a study/homework group with dedicated students and you all can help each other keep on track.

Have a study spot

Homework and studying can be just a bit harder in the place where you play games or sleep. Dedicate a space just for studying. Your body will get accustomed to it. This spot may not even be in your house, it can be at a library or a park. Just make sure you can focus.

Those are the top 5 anti-procrastination tips. Don’t let yourself put it off until later, try them out now!