Tips for Parents: How to Get Your Child to Do Homework?

Parents always want to support, help, ease their children`s lives and point them in right directions. However, sometimes it is not as simple as we would like it to be.

School assignments can become one of the first real-world stumbling blocks between you and your children. If you are tired of struggling and want to aid your family, try to implement our tips in your life:

  1. Create comfortable working space.
  2. Provide your children with everything they may need to avoid complaints and future excuses. However, reduce distractions to the minimum. It’s not a secret that children don`t like to sit and study when there is lots of fun around.

  3. Motivate.
  4. Talk more with your children about the importance of learning. Give them simple and understandable examples from your own experience. Look for homework-related interests and hobbies, and use them to encourage your child and broaden their outlook.

  5. Discuss topics that require attention.
  6. Find out if there is a difficult subject or school problem that distracts your children, and try to help them resolve the problems. Explain that it is okay to lag behind, to try and to fail; it is worse to give up, to get lazy and disinterested. When you notice any sign of indifference, be there for them.

  7. Make peace with each other.
  8. Concern, praise, assist as well as argue, scold and insist. Nevertheless, do not associate your children’s wins and losses with yourself. Let them face the consequences of their own actions or inactivity, and choose how they feel about it. You should guide but do not push.

  9. Forget about ineffective methods.
  10. Yelling, nagging, threatening and punishing, as well as bribing, money rewards and empty promises, lead nowhere and don’t last for long. It doesn’t take much time to demotivate your child, but you will need to put much effort to encourage them again.

  11. Remember that children need rest.
  12. Do not make strict timetables. Create a convenient schedule of study and free time periods for your children and stick to it. Remind them about homework in advance. Give them some time to finish their business and get ready for another type of activity. Always check the process of studying but never press on them.

  13. Reward your children.
  14. Attention, care and support can become your most powerful allies. Teach your children that education is the most powerful weapon, which can change their world. Make sure that their efforts will not be fruitless.