Should I Pay Someone to Do My Homework: Picking a Real Helper

Paying someone to ‘help’ with your homework is not a bad idea if you feel like you’re struggling. They can give you all the advice you need to make connections that just weren’t obvious on your own. Paying someone to DO your homework for you is another ball game entirely. It should probably only be done under the following circumstances:

  • If you become physically unable to complete an assignment due to illness or injury and won’t be allowed an extension
  • If your teacher has been assigning homework as part of an unfair scheme to punish you and you feel discriminated against
  • If you are already far beyond the level of the assigned homework and you need the time to work on something that really demands your brain power

Whatever reason you may have, you can use the following methods to acquire that help:

  • Ask a good student in your class if they are willing to do your homework for a fee
  • Look for the best freelancers on the most popular freelancing sites who specialise in academic writing.
  • Look for academic writing companies online that have good reviews
  • Check writing forums for people who might be convinced to sell their services
  • Ask your tutor if you have one if he or she would be willing to take the job

Now here are some of the reasons not to pay for homework:

  • If you have no clue how to complete it.
  • This will make you fall further back in class and any subsequent assignments will probably be even harder for you as a result creating a vicious cycle. Unless you’re wealthy, you could go broke like this.

  • If you want that time to do something unimportant
  • Homework helps you through school, if you want to outsource your homework, make sure that time is being spent curing Ebola or discovering planets rather than playing video games or getting drunk.

  • If you don’t like school
  • School isn’t always fun and it can seem a bit cruel to extend school activities into your “at home” time but homework will pay off at some point in time. Even if it only teaches you how to meet deadlines and format assignments properly, that might propel you into a lucrative freelancing career. Think about that before you dismiss the idea outright.

Like most things, there will be times when buying homework is actually the best option you have. Just make sure you can tell those times apart from the times when you’re just a little lazy.