Why Homework Is Bad and How to Make it Better

Are you tired of attempting lengthy homework tasks each day? Do you think there is no fun element in your school assignments and they make you feel unproductive? Do you want to have some space for your creative fluids rather than writing down similar assignments each day? Do you think your teacher is being unfair by assigning you tasks that are complicated and lengthy? On top of all, do you actually think homework is bad?

Well, to answer these questions, the most basic thing you need to understand is that nothing is good or bad in itself; it is your approach, which determines the goodness or badness of anything. Objects do not have the power to influence good or bad, the brain does. If you think homework is a bad thing, you need to figure out the reasons. You need to see why something disturbs you or makes you feel bad. Many students think homework is bad because it is lengthy. Other students feel homework is bad because it needs research. Some students are of the view that it is the restriction to creativity, which makes homework bad. Every student is different and so is his or her approach towards homework. The most disturbing thing about homework however is repetitiveness. You get homework on a regular basis, which is why you hate it. You would have been okay if you only had to do home tasks once or twice in a year.

Now that you know homework itself is not good or bad, and that you can change it, the question arises how you will make it better.

  • The first thing you should do is change your mind set about homework. Do not think of it as a good or bad thing imposed on you; rather think of it as a challenge to your capabilities. Tell yourself that this will help you prove your skills to your teacher and fellow students
  • Positive competition is an excellent thing. It can bring out the best in people. Think of this as a chance to compete with your fellow students and show them how capable you are.
  • Start paying attention to the lecture. When you listen closely, you will actually find certain subjects interesting. See why people dedicated their lives to figuring out a formula that you are simply ignoring to understand.
  • Get organized.