Recommendations for Students: How to Complete Homework Assignments on Time

Homework is given for reinforcement purposes. It also can be used to help set up a new chapter or unit. It can come in the form of reading, writing, or projects. If you find that your homework is always late or not finished, you may need a little assistance. Follow this handy helper guide to make sure all of your school tasks are completed in a timely fashion:


  • Use a calendar-keep a desk or wall calendar beside your workspace. When you come home from school immediately place all due work on it.
  • Keep a Planner-because you do not want to carry your wall/desk calendar around campus, put a planner in your bag or make use of an electronic planner. Some schools now give them to students free of charge. At the end of the class, put all assignments in the planner.
  • Use the color-coded file or notebook system-if you keep subjects in color coded binders, then you will find that putting handouts in the folders and taking completed work out of the folders becomes a quick and efficient process. Straighten and clean out the folder once every week or two.
  • Take a break when you first arrive home-take a break before your start your nightly assignments. Your body and your mind need some rest and probably a good snack. Recharge before you dig into the nightly work.
  • Have two sets of textbooks-if you use hard copy books and your budget can afford it, buy two sets of books. You can find cheap used books online. You have eliminated the part where you need your geometry book at 10:00 pm and it is in your school locker.
  • Hire a helper-if you really struggle to complete your assignments, you may want to hire a helper or a tutor that you see 2-3 times a week. They can train you to have healthy work habits, so you would not need to hire them for a lengthy time. However, some people like the security of having help and use their helpers for their entire academic career.

As you seek to finish all school work in an efficient and timely manner, use a desk/wall calendar, keep a planner in your book bag, use a color coded system, take a rest when you first arrive home, if possible buy two sets of textbooks, and hire a homework helper.