Why There Should Be No Homework At Schools

The average student spends about seven to eight hours in school and then they have to come home and do another two to three hours on more schoolwork.  This can even be more if kids have multiple classes that gave homework that night.  Even adults get more free time than kids these days.  Most people will argue that students should not be required to do homework because there is more than enough time in school to teach them.  When I am talking about homework, I don’t mean kids studying for test because this has to be done at home if they want to succeed, I’m talking about school assignments that have to be complete on stuff that the students already learned that day or didn’t because there wasn’t enough time.

Facts About Homework

  • The negative effects of homework are not just on the kids but the parents as well.  Kids become exhausted and frustrated with the amount of homework they have to do.  They also don’t have time for other activities and can lose interest in learning.  The effect that it has on the parents is that it affects their relationship with their children.  The have to force their kids to do their homework and if they don’t do well then the teachers look at the parents as if it was their fault.
  • The research shows that giving homework to elementary and middle school children has no benefit and most kids do the same if they do homework or not.  Even in high school, homework the link between doing homework or not is weak and some might think that we do this to build character and teach kids good study habits but little or no research has been done on the subject.
  • Teachers give most homework for not reason.  Did you know that most schools and teacher decide ahead of time when they will assign homework?  If they decide that students will have to do homework three times a week, they will assign that homework even if they think that it is not needed.  The use it as a crutch and don’t actually save homework for when it is appropriate.

Homework does help students sometimes but I think there has to be a better way for teacher to tell if their class needs extra help with a subject they are learning.  If the students are struggling, then yes give them a little homework to practice.  But if they are just assigning it because they can and it has no benefit then they need to rethink how the assign homework.