Looking for Math Homework Answers in Algebra

If you, like most students, hate to do your algebra homework, there is an easy way out – getting ready answers to it. Here are few steps to ease your search.

General Search

With Google and Yahoo, one can find answers to almost any questions. Math homework is not an exception. Type your question into the search line. There is always a chance that it has already been asked and answered. To refine your search, use an exact fragment of your problem’s text and put quotation marks around.

You may discover more than one answer on all kinds of question and answer (Q&A) websites, forums, and homework help resources. Cross-compare them to pick the most accurate variant.

Online Student Communities

As many students are in constant search for math help, they often turn to their fellows who have already completed their algebra course. Those who need assistance and those who are ready to give it come together on student forums and discussion boards.

Try to Google “student math forum” or “math discussion board.” Check several resources and browse their archives for your question. If your search yielded no results, ask your question in a relevant thread or create a new one. Remember that it may take several days for your question to be answered, so it is better to begin your search well in advance.

Another way is to look for answer keys to particular textbooks, which are often scanned and uploaded by student volunteers. Use search engine to browse for the keys to your algebra textbook. If you fail to find them, try to browse student forums. There may be messages that link to places where answers can be obtained from. If not, simply ask whether anyone knows where to find keys to your textbook. You are probably not the only one who ever struggled with it.

Teacher’s Extensions

If there seems to be no answers to this algebra homework on the Web, your last resort is a teacher’s addition to your textbook. Buy it, and you will have a never-failing source of trustworthy answers close at hand. Although costly, this is probably the most reliable way of getting assistance with your math problems. Most teacher’s books contain step-by-step explanations of the solution which you may copy. However, do not repeat them word for word, or your teacher may expose you of cheating. Paraphrase and use simpler language. Write formulas in slightly different ways where possible, so the solution will look as though you invented it on your own.