To What Extent I Can Ask My Professors For Help With My Social Studies Homework

Social studies homework often require a lot of research on the events and movements that are of concern to the world or created headlines in the past be it world history, freedom struggles of nations, ancient civilization, economics, civics, geography etc. Therefore access to major documents and resources for doing the social studies homework is an important requirement to build on the facts and narrate the story. Therefore it is important to research carefully and know where to look for the required information on such topics. It is a vast stream that requires sincere attempts by the student to collect relevant data on the subject topics.

Some ways to ask help from your professor to guide you in completing the homework are:

  • Classroom help
  • Best way to collect information on social studies is to hear it from the horse’s mouth by taking lecture notes from your professor in school. You can gather sufficient information to complete your homework by raising significant questions and doubts on the subject. Teacher can guide you in providing such information.

  • Request for discussion in peer groups
  • You can request your teacher to allot a study group where you can mutually share and gather relevant information for completing your social studies homework. There are chances to get help from your own classmates or friends which can be facilitated by your professor on your request.

  • Peers
  • You can ask your professor to refer seniors who can provide you with relevant information on social studies by way of discussion on the subject. By requesting the professor to have a study partner, you can complete your homework successfully.

  • Reference of tutors
  • There are many tutors who may help you with the homework in your locality or in the online community by giving you insight on learning the subject. You can take the advice of your professor on finding the right tutor.

  • Library
  • The library of your school, public or online library is the best resource where you can find help in writing your social studies assignment as they offer varied sources of books, journals, cd’s, encyclopedia’s , research papers etc which will fetch you the required information for homework help. But the best option is to ask your professor’s help in guiding you in finding the best resource to complete the assignment. For finding the appropriate textbook for reference, you can get it listed by your professor.