Are Homework Helpers Available Online No Good To Hire?

The internet is now home to thousands of online homework help sites. Some of these allow users to access their services for free, while many others charge for one-on-one consultations, or real time tutouring. The explosion in the number of these “homework helpers” reflects how commonplace it has become for students to look for help with their homework assignments.

In some cases, homework help sites offer assistance to a student while they complete their own assignments. There are however, many popular sites that will complete an assignment with little, or no input on the part of the students themselves. In fields like math and physics in particular, it is simple for a user to have a software program finish an assignment for them.

Once a student is online, they access one of the many calculator/problem-solving pages available on many help sites. Simply plug in the numbers and the program will spit out the answer. There are some sites that claim to be able to write an essay for you for free as well. Again, the student enters the topic, length of the paper, and some other details and the homework site will “write” an essay based on the information you have supplied.

What Are The Risks Involved With Using Online Homework Helpers?

Perhaps one of the most obvious risks associated with making use of online homework helpers, is that there is no guarantee as to the quality of the finished work. The answers may not even be correct! This is particularly true of free help sites. If you use an online essay writing service, chances are very good you will receive a plagiarized final product. If your professor finds out you will end in very hot water indeed.

If you have paid for access to a homework helper or online tutor, you may have some assurances as to the degree of knowledge that your “helper” has. Reputable sites may list the credentials and experience that their staff have, and you may be able to select the homework helper of your choice. That said, there may be no guarantee that you will have access to them when you need them!

If you do decide to use a pay site for homework help, be sure and carefully check the details of any agreement that you enter into with the company. Will you be billed by the month, or by the minute? Are there any penalties should you decide their service is not for you, and you want out of the agreement? As with any online financial transactions you conduct, make absolutely sure that the company has independently verified security software in place to safeguard your credit card information.